Viserion® Raman Analyzer

Analysis of high value liquids in the biotechnology or chemical industries

  • Multi-Laser (785nm, 830nm) Raman analysis
  • Multi-Channel deep cooled sensor (-60°C)
  • Up to four simultaneous channels with batch capabilities
  • Autoclavable probe compatible with most bioreactor (glass, SS, single use)
  • Embedded industrial computer with OPC UA capabilities for automation
  • SS NEMA enclosure, IP54
  • In-line and at-line option
  • High accuracy 0.1% to 0.05% achievable
  • Laser safety interlock

Raman Spectrometer instrumentation relies on the interaction of a laser with the sample. The Raman Spectrometer scattered signal provides information on vibrational, rotational and electronic energy of a molecule. Raman spectrum has high specificity of molecular bonds, and is much less sensitive to water. In biotech applications where low concentrations of glucose need to be evaluated within the water media, this technology is of great interest.

The Viserion Raman Analyzer is equipped with multi-laser multi-channel capabilities, tailored for the most demanding and challenging environments for process development, routine chemical analysis, and in-line production monitoring. Using a QbD approach, the system provides a reliable PAT solution to achieve cost benefits, time savings, and enhanced process understanding. The system uses deep-cooled detector (-60°C) with extremely low noise so that it is possible to collect quality Raman data with very long integration times, which proves to be very critical for processes involving low concentrations of compounds. Viserion provides up to 30% faster process development, pilot to large production scale-up, 100% production validation, and full data traceability of your process.

Viserion can be applied right from the very early stages on formulation studies, mixing, stability study, shelf-life study through process development by using in-situ probe in small batches which can then be scaled right up to production level using communication with PLC or other monitoring tools using OPC UA. The rugged Viserion probe is equipped with interlock systems that can be adapted to suit specific requirements including shut down the laser under critical situations.

Target Applications:
  • Mammalian cell culture
  • Microbial fermentation
  • Protein purification
  • Quantitative analysis of nutriments and metabolites
  • Mixing, chemical reaction monitoring