Pythia LLC provides a range of comprehensive pre-sale and post-sale services to our clients:

Proof of Concept Study

With the wide range of analytical technologies offered at Pythia LLC, it is vital to choose the right technology to tackle a specific problem. We offer proof of concept studies to our clients to help make sure that the right instrument with the correct configurations and accessories are chosen. We will analyze our client application needs, run experiments using client’s samples, and deliver a conclusive report with details on the instrument setup, experimental apparatus, and feasibility of the analysis approach.


We perform instrument qualification of IQ (Installation Qualification), OQ (Operational Qualification), PQ (Performance Qualification), and any necessary re-qualification following change control services, in accordance with cGMP requirements and FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliancy. With the instrument qualification services we make sure that the hardware installation meets our client’s requirement and the software installation conforms with the IT regulations, as well as the instrument operation is in compliance with the clients’ quality assurance system.

Method Development and Method Validation

We work with our clients during their method development process for qualitative analysis and quantitative analysis. With hands-on expertise of multivariate analysis and chemometric model creation, we can provide direct help in developing method for on-line or at-line process monitoring and quality control. We also provide method validation services, including validation protocols and documentations, performing method validation, as well as personnel training for chemometric model creation and method validation.

User Training

At Pythia we established comprehensive training programs, providing our clients with the best possible, in-person training. The 3-tiered training program includes instrument operation, instrument maintenance and regular PQ, as well as method development and method maintenance.

In addition to user training, we also provide service on user SOPs. We will work closely with our clients for their specific SOP needs.