SRS Technology

The light absorbance on chemicals is proportional to the chemical concentration, molar coefficient of absorptivity, and the optical pathlength. While the first two factors are intrinsic to the specific chemicals, SRS technology expands the capability of spectroscopy technology by extending the third factor, pathlength, to different locations at different depth, at the same time, capturing internal scattering as photons travelling through different pathlengths inside the sample. Compared to SRS, the standard spectroscopy where typically a single spectrum measurement is made at a time, does not have such capability and provides far less information from the measurement.

Based on the patented technology, Indatech’s SAM-SPEC® probe includes an arrangement of collection fibers at different distances from the illumination point. The probe captures signals not only from different locations but also from various penetration depths in the sample. It can measure up to 12 spectra per probe simultaneously to provide in-situ measurement of chemical concentrations and physical proerties as well.

Coupled with Indatech’s NIR system with hyperspectral imaging technology, SAM-Spec probe enables the NIR light isotopically scattered into the media while NIR spectra are collected by SAM-Spec probe at different depths and several locations simultaneously. It is capable of measuring multiple points (up to 27 points) simultaneously in less than 5 ms. Information from different spots can be used to access media homogeneity in real time, whether it is powder, tablet with coating, or lyocake in glass vial. The measurement can also provide information on hardness, density, porosity and particle size.

Defects like cracks or solid contaminants would change the normal isotropic scattering, which can provide the sensitivity to reject OOS products.The SAM-Spec probe with SRS technology can also be coupled with Indatech’s UV-VIS spectrometer Asuryan to deliver unique spectroscopy solutions for process monitoring and in-situ measurement.

The following two videos demonstrate the capability of SRS-NIR and SAM-Spec probe in the setting for direct tablet and lyocake analysis.