• Non-destructive, ideal alternative to time consuming chemical analyses
  • Significantly shorter analysis times while preserving the samples and avoiding toxic Reagents
  • Inspection of homogeneity and physical aspects through the combination of spectral and spatial data
  • Measurement of samples through vials, ideal for analysis for powder form such as lyocake and capsule
  • Measurement from underneath the sample, rugged configuration offering high repeatability
  • Customized trays and a user-friendly interface to simplify the operator's job

Near-infrared chemical imaging (NIR-CI) is a versatile analytical technology capable of acquiring information on samples and improving understanding of processes. The combination of digital imaging and optical spectroscopy integrated in an NIR-CI instrument makes it possible to collect and process information by means of the electromagnetic spectrum for each pixel of the image acquired.

HYPEREAL® is a unique NIR-CI system developed by INDATECH, ideal for quick, nondestructive analyses of solid dosage forms and powders. By moving the hyperspectral camera beneath the samples while combing the spectral and spatial data obtained, critical quality attributes such as APIs or the residual moisture content can be identified and calculated, plus the spatial distribution can be used to characterize the distribution of these components within the samples.

Target Applications:
  • High-throughput inspection of lyophilized formulations
  • Assess the residual moisture content of lyophilized products
  • Assess the homogeneity of lyophilized product
  • Detection of any physical defects in the lyocakes, such as cracks or meltback
  • API content analysis and content uniformity assessment
  • Characterization of powder blend uniformity