Asuryan® UV-VIS Spectroscopy Analyser

With sensitivity and versatility tailored for your application needs

  • Multi-point measurement with SAM-Flex multi-angle measurement
  • Adaptable to different sensors for use simultaneously
  • Fast measurement, allowing continuous monitoring
  • System with an internal reference for optimum repeatability
  • Integrated software facilitating analysis with models focusing on the variable of interest

UV-VIS spectroscopy is an analytical method focusing on the electronic transitions of the products of interest. This type of spectroscopy offers very high sensitivity (up to 10 to 100 times that of NIR or Raman spectroscopy). UV-VIS spectroscopy is pharmacopeia recommended technology for quantitative and qualitative studies.

Asuryan® VU-VIS spectrometer is a versatile analyzer that can be configured to fit your application requirements. Equipped with a variety of sampling techniques, Asuryan makes it possible for UV-VIS spectroscopy used for in-line process monitoring. With the patented SAM-Flex probe, Asuryan has the unique capability of using SAM-Flex multi-angle measurement, in addition to immersion probe with optical trajectories, flow cell, and ATR probe, allowing full flexibility for diverse products and media as well. With the patented SAM-Spec multipoint sensors, several spectrometers can be integrated into Asuryan to perform measurements on different key phases of a process, giving in-situ snapshot of the whole process. These flexibilities prove to be essential for PAT applications.

Target Applications:
  • Protein analysis: assessing the protein content on large series, on adjuvant, and in milieu
  • Analysis and monitoring of powder dissolution processes
  • Downstream process monitoring
  • Non-destructive and continuous inspection of chemical reactions
  • Analysis of vitamins for chemical industry products
  • Analysis of nanoparticles in suspension (e.g. ZnO2, CuO, TiO2, etc.)
  • Analysis of intralipid globule size and form of crystals